“Ification” reviewed by Hair Entertainment

Ification, the latest release from Pure, otherwise known as Peter Votava, is seven tracks which stand independently as pieces of work. It is an electronic album with an ever changing background peppered with an array of less subtle noises. Instruments weave and drag around their own stretched sounds and generated electronic hums. Votava has come from a DJ background, through techno and rave, to a now more drone based sound. The voices of such musicians as Ilse Gold, Erich Berger, Alexandra von Bolzn and The Heart Chamber Orchestra exist somewhere in Ification. Pure has twisted and shaped them to create his work. The record opens with “Fire” and a sledge hammering guitar repeated over and over with subtle variations in tone and length. “After the Bomb”, a notable contrast, has a nice background tone pierced with high high pitches. It leads appropriately to “Approximation” in which has the effect of an orchestra stretched to a thin line under ominous brass blasts. Ification continues in a similar fashion with further sampled and drill like sounds. “End”, in particular, harmonised really well with my aging fridge. In general the tracks are long and become seemingly longer through lack of variety. There is little development within the tracks which makes it sound thin. Maybe that is the point. Anna Johnston

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