Lawrence English’s highlights of 2009


  • Halting of Dolphin hunting in Taiji (even if only temporary) see
  • Official room40 possum moves in
  • Guggenheim House
  • Okinawa
  • Nago Milk
  • South Torin Pumplings
  • Claudio Sinatti and Deaf Centre
  • Lillevan and Fennesz
  • Köner/Tietchens
  • Frankly!
  • Raven Rooks of Torun
  • Performing at Soup, Tokyo (a sound system with no end!)
  • Grouper live
  • abandoned minefields
  • nice collabs with Circa, Makino Takashi, Gen Lacey and Craig Walsh
  • Battlestar Gallactica
  • Twin Peaks (again…)
  • Chris Watson
  • Ben Frost at Open Frame
  • so many great friends and artists visiting us this year….
  • super-schnapper and the beck!


  • Astounding mismanagement – locally, nationally, globally
  • Continued unregulated consumption of fish stocks
  • The passing of my grandfather
  • Time lost and not found again
  • The growing sense of lacking critical faculties in general…

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