New unlimited release: Ran Slavin’s “Nocturnal Rainbow Rising”

Nocturnal Rainbow Rising
Crónica is very proud to present Ran Slavin’s “Nocturnal Rainbow Rising”. After 2004’s “Tropical Agent / Ears in Water” and last year’s “The Wayward Regional Transmissions” — awarded a honorable mention at the Prix Ars Electronica — Ran’s third full-length release in Crónica is now available in the Unlimited Release series, with 10 tracks available for free download or choose-to-pay-as-you-will.

Nocturnal Rainbow Rising” drifts across far removed cinematic panoramas of lush nightly atmospheres. The tracks bear forms of sound memories, occlusions of dreamy nocturnal passages, of introspective and illusory projections arising from the metropolitan environments to the tundra.

The 10 tracks form evasive atmospheres between the audible and the visual, at times resembling fragments of a cinematic tale yet untold, a characteristic of Ran’s ongoing work that has made it so dear to his listeners.


  1. Nocturnal Rainbow Rising
  2. Suspend in Artanis
  3. Summer Clouds
  4. Silent Highway
  5. Black Dice
  6. Pure Honey in Lack One
  7. Pixel Travels
  8. Above a City
  9. Nocturnal Rainbow Descending
  10. Dreamzone Five Twenty Three

The artwork

Nocturnal Rainbow Rising limited release
With Nocturnal Rainbow Rising we present the third release in the Limited Series of original artworks, especially produced for each digital release. The Limited counterpart of this Unlimited release is “Nocturnal Rainbow Rising”, a certified signed and numbered limited edition of ten 50 x 70cm Lambda prints, produced for Crónica by Ran Slavin. For ordering, please see this page.


A lot of hard work is invested in these releases and in Crónica’s operations. We do not believe in DRM and we certainly don’t want to create any barriers between you and our releases, so, all of the Unlimited Releases will be free to download, but if you can, please consider to leave us a small donation for the benefit of both artists and label. Don’t forget to leave us your address, so that we can send you a thank you postcard in return.

Ran Slavin

Free download:

Follow the link to this release’s page in Crónica to choose between Apple Lossless or MP3 free downloads.

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