New Crónicaster: “On the Concept of History” (An Introduction / 2008 Top 16)

On the Concept of History
78RPM Transcriptions by Stephan Mathieu. Monaural re-recordings made with a mechanical HMV 102 gramophone, Decca Cactus Needles and a customised Oktava MK-319 microphone.

This selection is part of an upcoming series of transcriptions by Stephan Mathieu.

  1. Telephone Effect #1
    Standard Sound Effect Records #903
    mid 1930s
  2. Kelly Harrell
    Oh Molly Dear, Go Ask Your Mother
    Victor Records #20280-A
    June 09.1926
  3. Blind Willie Johnson
    God Moves On The Water
    Vocalion Records #03051 B
    Dec. 12.1929
  4. Biddleville Quintette
    I’m Tormented In Flames
    Paramount Records #12813-B
    Aug. 01.1929
  5. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist)
    Death Is Only A Dream
    Vocalion Records #B1096
    April 19.1927
  6. Les Paraphonistes de Saint-Jean-des-Matine
    Josquin Despres: Deux Chansons – 1/ Se congié prends (à 6v), 2/ Vive le
    Roy (à 4v)

    Disques L’Anthologie Sonore #108
  7. Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds
    Don’t Mess With Me
    Okeh Records #4752B
    Dec. 06.1922
  8. Steam Shovel In Operation
    Standard Sound Effect Records #302A
    mid 1930s
  9. Prof. Erwin Brodky, clavichord
    J.S. Bach: Sarabande and Gavotte, 5. French Suite
    Parlophone Records #B.37033 II (2000 Years of Music Box-Set, compiled by Dr. Curt Sachs)
    early 1930s
  10. The English Singers
    William Byrd: O Christ Who Art The Light (Evening Hymn)
    Roycroft Records #161
    early 1930s
  11. Norfolk Jubilee Quartette
    Ezikek Saw The Wheel
    Paramount Records #12217-A
    July 17.1924
  12. Woody Guthrie
    Grow, Grow, Grow
    Cub Records #4A
  13. Frank Ferera and John Paaluhi
    Ua Like No Alike
    Okeh Records #41012
    March 03.1928
  14. DeZurik Sisters
    Sweet Hawaiian Chimes
    Vocalion Records #04704
    Dec. 16.1938
  15. Telephone Effect #6
    Standard Sound Effect Records #903
    mid 1930s
  16. Elder Richard Bryant’s Sanctified Singers
    Lord, Lord He Sure Be Good To Me
    Okeh Records #8559
    Feb. 28.1928

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