New release: Mathias Delplanque’s “Transmissions”

Crónica is very proud to present a new album by Mathias Delplanque, “Transmissions”, a series of compositions based on recordings of sounds produced by various industrial machines.

Parts 1 and 2 are based on loom sounds recorded by Mathias Delplanque in 2008 at the Musée du Textile of Cholet (France).

Part 3 and 4 are based on machine-tools sounds recorded by students at the Lycée Technique Livet (Nantes, France) in 2009 and 2010, in the shape of a workshop conducted by Mathias Delplanque.

“Toujours une machine couplée avec une autre”

Written & produced by Mathias Delplanque between 2008 and 2014. Mastered by Miguel Carvalhais.

Mathias Delplanque would like to thank Miguel Carvalhais and the Crónica Electrónica team, Aude Leguennec from the Musée du Textile of Cholet, Jeanmichel Jagot from Arty Events, Gilbert Plouhinec and Claude Briantais from the Lycée Livet, Mélanie Legrand from Stereolux, the students of the Lycée Livet, without whom this album wouldn’t have been possible.

“Transmissions” is now available directly from Crónica in a very limited CD release, and available as a digital download from Crónica’s bandcamp page, Boomkat and several other retailers.

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Soon in Crónica


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Soon in Crónica: Mathias Delplanque’s “Transmissions”


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Futurónica 122

Episode 122 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Manobras (91.5 MHz in Porto, 18h30) and Rádio Zero (21h GMT, repeating on Tuesday at 01h) airs tomorrow, September 5th.

The playlist of Futurónica 122 is:

  1. Machinefabriek, Doepfer (2013, Doepfer Worm, Entr’acte)
  2. Jorge Peizinho, Elegia a Amílcar Cabral, 2ª versão (1978, Elegia a Amílcar Cabral, Strauss)
  3. Miguel Isaza / Mise_en_Scene, Selected Fragments 1 (2014, Selected Fragments, Impulsive Habitat)

You can follow Rádio Zero’s broadcasts at and Rádio Manobras at

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LIA presents “The Unfolded Collection” at Sedition

The Unfolded Collection features three computer-generated artworks: The Lonely One in the Autumn (with a soundtrack composed by @c), Inside the Diamond and Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart, which were performed by LIA in real-time and recorded exclusively for Sedition as high-definition videos.

This series explores the possibilities of communicating concepts like love, poetry and time through the language of code and computer aesthetics. Through their evolving forms, shapes, movements, colours and textures, the artworks unfold abstract environments and crystalline structures creating a unique sense of exploration of the artist’s vision.

Austrian artist LIA is considered one of the pioneers of software and net art and has been producing works since 1995. LIA has exhibited internationally including at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, 2014; Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2009; and the Design Museum Holon, Israel, 2012. LIA has also received numerous awards, including Digital Graffiti Curator’s Choice Award, 2014; Prix Ars Electronica, Honourable Mention, 2007; Diagonale Film Festival, Innovative Cinema, First Prize, 2006; and Prix Ars Electronica, Award of Distinction, 2003.

The Unfolded Collection can be previewed at Sedition.

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