“Transmissions” reviewed by Monsieur Délire

A new CD by electroacoustician Mathias Delplanque, based this time on sounds from industrial machines – looms and machine-tools. Four pieces: three short ones and a final 40-minute track. The first three pieces are like hors-d’œuvres: sophisticated and elegant. “Part 4” is a monster. You step inside it unsuspecting, as it starts pretty much like the first three tracks, but soon it degenerates, and we’re caught in a descent, a drowning into the heart of the industrial beast. High frequencies disappear, low frequencies take over, and there’s no way to know if these are mechanical movements or organic peristalsis. And there’s simply no way out. This movement is inescapable and it reaches the only logical conclusion: extinction when everything has been consumed. It’s a work of genius. François Couture

via Monsieur Délire

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Quartet Twentytwentyone live in Brno

Next Sunday, November 2, Arturas Bumšteinas’s Quartet Twentytwentyone will perform in Brno, at the festival Exposition of New Music. More info at kinoscala.cz.

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Futurónica 126

Episode 126 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Manobras (91.5 MHz in Porto, 18h30) and Rádio Zero (21h GMT, repeating on Tuesday at 01h) airs tomorrow, October 31st.

The playlist of Futurónica 126 is:

  1. Luís Antero, Depósito de Água (2013, Green Field Recordings World Listening Day 2013, Green Field Recordings)
  2. Luís Antero / Rui Almeida, Concerto Para Olhos Vendados (2013, Concerto Para Olhos Vendados, Green Field Recordings)

You can follow Rádio Zero’s broadcasts at radiozero.pt/ouvir and Rádio Manobras at radiomanobras.pt.

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“Transmissions” reviewed by Rockerilla

Ci sono voluti sei anni a Mathias Delplanque per ultimare il suo nuovo lavoro, Transmissions, da poco pubblicato dalla sempre attiva etichetta portoghese Cronica. Le prime due tracce in scaletta sono nate su Musée du Textile of Cholet nel 2008: suoni meccanici che diventano nei laboratori di Delplanque sinfonie sottomarine in grado di svelare i segreti dell’ignoto. Le altre due tracce dell’album sono nate dagli esperimenti degli studenti del Lycée Technique Livet (Nantes, France) che assistevano ai seminari dal titolo “Toujours une machine couplée avec une autre” tenuti dallo stesso Delplanque tra il 2009 e il 2010. Le macchine intonarumori di Russolo hanno trovato un degno erede. Roberto Mandolini

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New release: Emidio Buchinho & Ricardo Guerreiro’s “W​.​o​.​W. – Wand of Watt”

W​.​o​.​W. – Wand of Watt
W.o.W. – Wand of Watt is a collaborative work for electric guitar and computer live-sampling and generative sound synthesis. Each resulting piece explores the conception, installation and live articulation of context-specific situations in which sound is an emerging phenomenon. The generation, capture, amplification, processing and diffusion of sound are entirely taking place on stage, in real-time.

Three different versions of this work were presented. W.o.W. #1 and W.o.W. #2, both commissioned by the Granular association, took place, respectively, at the city of Aveiro, in Espaço Performas, in October 2009 and during the 3rd edition of the Metasonic Festival, at the Goethe Institut, in Lisbon, in April 2010.

The recording now presented documents a private performance of W.o.W. #3, on the 4th of June of 2011, that concluded a four-day artistic residency developed at the Oficinas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo. Once again, space and the daily sounds of its wide context and common use were determinant to the activity of the musicians.

Emidio Buchinho: Concept and composition, electric guitar, devices, microphones, speakers and electronics; production, sound recording and mastering; photography.
Ricardo Guerreiro: Concept and composition, computer programming, sound processing and multi-channel electroacoustic diffusion; production and mastering.

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