“Gamelan Descending a Staircase” reviewed by Bad Alchemy

Gamelan Descending a Staircase
Der 33-jährige litauische Klanginstallateur und Composer-Performer nimmt hier Marcel Duchamps ‘Nu descendant un escalier’ von 1912 als Inspiration für eine klangliche Analogie. Zerlegt in Myriaden tröpfelnder Partikel lässt er eine Klanggestalt endlos eine Treppe herunter kommen. Als eine Kaskade von perkussiven Schritten, die das nackte Steigen, die Bewegung als zimmerwährenden Zustand suggeriert. Als Spielfeld nutzte Bumšteinas (zusammen mit Raminta Atnimar) Gamelans im Ethnologischen Museum Dahlem in Berlin. Mit diesem Quellmaterial formte er eine Surround-Sound-Komposition von 50 Minuten, die erstmals im April 2015 beim Jauna Musika Festival in Vilnius erklang. Wie bei Zenons Paradox, um’s Eck gedacht, wird bei Bewegtheit von allem, des Körpers in der Zeit und der Zeit im Rauschen des Blutes und im Zerfall der Zellen, als Zustand wahrnehmbar. Als muybridgesches Daumenkino. Als “das Nicht-Fließende, das fließt.” Als kontinuierliches Diskontinuum. Als permanenter Abstieg, der einem Klingklang, der das klöppelnde und glockenspielerische Werk der vier Hände regnerisch und windspielerisch erweitert und entgrenzt. “Alles formt sich durch Zahlenverbindungen zwischen diesen Klangmolekülen”, um noch einmal Roberto Calasso murmeln zu lassen.

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“Everything Emanating from the Sun” recommended by Ambientblog.net

This is the first release of a forthcoming Crónica series called Corollaries: works that were produced as part of the Active Crossover residency curated by Simon Whetham: ‘a platform to investigate further ways of capturing, creating, composing and performing in sound’.

“Igor Stravinsky talked about the pleasure of listening to the sounds of nature, however he emphasized that we would fool ourselves to call this music. Natural sounds, as he argued, suggest music, are promises of music, but cannot become music until they are put into order and organized as a “conscious human act”.”

Yiorgis Sakkelariou opens the series with a 31 minute composition called “Everything Emanating From The Sun“ (the title comes from Emanuel Swedenborg’s Life in Animals & Plants).

“Eventually the amount of manipulation and ordering of the recordings followed purely musical and compositional needs. It is about effectively placing sonic events in time and not submitting to any kind of pre-fixed rules about recorded sound. After all, I did not perceive this piece as a representation of my journey in Estonia and certainly I was not merely documenting the country’s sonic atmosphere.”

“Returning to Stravinsky’s thoughts, perhaps the conscious human act that he requires can simply be the act of listening. This activity, potentially profound and meaningful, establishes a form of communication between the listener and the environment but remains a personal experience.”

“Everything Emanating From The Sun“ starts out with a drone that may very well be the deepest/lowest you have ever heard, changes into a much louder, almost mind-numbing industrial pulse… then to suddenly transform into a soundscape incorporating many different kinds of environmental recordings. Indefinable metallic sounds, resembling rain on a roof, conclude the piece before it returns to a comforting silence.

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“Gamelan Descending a Staircase” reviewed by Blow Up

Gamelan Descending a Staircase
Nonostante una discografia vasta quanto variegata, mai su queste pagine si è scritto di Arturas Bumsteinas, compositore lituano in grado di muoversi col medesimo talento e disinvoltura tra sperimentazione elettronica e neoclassica. Viene a proposito “Gamelas Desdending a Staircase”, che tra l’altro sancisce il centesimo titolo della portoghese Crónica, a sottolineare nuovamente la poliedrici di Bumsteinas che, ospite del berlinese Ethnologisches Museum Dahlem, ha potuto utilizzare vasto armamentario d’orchestra gamelan, rielaborando poi il registrato in una suite di cinquenta minuti che vuole ispirarsi, almeno nel titolo, all’opera di Duchamp “Nude Descending a Staircase Nº 2”. La specificità etnica della strumentazione naturalmente non inibisce tratti di marcata astrazione, con frangenti in cui il flusso percussivo di metallofoni, gong, campane e xilofoni si impiglia in vischiosi grumi avant, con attitudine non accademica ma, piuttosto, non distante dal primo Z’Ev. Paolo Bertoni

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Marc Behrens: “Final Final” at Sonoscopia

Marc Behrens: Final Final
February 12 – 19h30
Sonoscopia, Porto

Marc Behrens’ second solo show at Sonoscopia features deep ambient synched to subconscious landscapes of the mind inspired by Southern European and Eastern Asian experiences.

More info at FB.

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New podcast: Audio_z

This is a recording of a live set based on remixes of two pieces by Gintas K, Reloaded Beauty and Lovely Banalities. A live session has been performed during the presentation of the retrospective CD Message in a Bottle – a careful and charming selection of Gintas K’s music, composed during his career to the present day. Reloaded Beauty first appeared as a track, included into the online release Garso zona ’04, that followed a festival of experimental music Garso zona that I happened to curate in 2004 (and several times before and after). Lovely Banalities is the title of a piece and an album, released by Crónica Electrónica in 2009. It made me a graceful impression and inspired a review, which I wrote for an international online platform www.tokafi.com.

These were just a few most evident motives of my choice and background features of my artistic idea, devoted to this wonderful occasion.

audio_z is a solo project by Tautvydas Bajarkevičius, artist, writer, lecturer and curator from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Download here or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

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