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“Stikhiya” reviewed by Vital

Let go theorizing, theories, rational reasoning. Strive for Stikhiya. Or: primitive immediacy. Then and there, organic holistic experiences (may) emerge, dixit Yorgis Sakellariou. It’s where unfathomable and formless forces of perception are at play; awe-inspiring, myth-making. On his cassette Sakellariou manipulates field recordings from various sources; be it natural or technological/industrial, be it in the […]

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“Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Vital

From Scotland Graeme Truslove bridges the divide between fixed-medium electroacoustic composition and performance based on improvisation. From meticulous structuring of aural mosaics with sonic impulses placed at exactly the right time, place, texturing et cetera, Truslove moved into the realms of the recording and manipulation of these works. Consequently and rather ironically, as technology advanced, […]

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Futurónica 191

Episode 191 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Manobras (91.5 MHz in Porto, 18h30) and Rádio Zero (21h GMT, repeating on Tuesday at 01h) airs tomorrow, April 28th. The playlist of Futurónica 191 is: Ø, Sisään (1994, Metri, Sähkö) Ø, Hornitus (1994, Metri, Sähkö) Ø, Kuvio (1994, Metri, Sähkö) Ø, JL-CSG I (1994, Metri, Sähkö) […]

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“Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori” reviewed by Chain DLK

On paper, you might assume an album structured from old Nintendo game sounds and 1990’s-era VSTs would be cheeky chiptunes- but this Durán Vázquez album is nothing of the sort. ‘Hikikomori’ is social reclusion and while the atmosphere here is insular, and isolated, this isn’t the sound of somebody playing computer games. This is tense […]

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“Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori” reviewed by Vital

Three new releases from Crónica take the listener from Portugal to Greece to Scotland. Geographically dispersed as the origins of these composers may be, the works hold a firm common Crónica thread in serving aural tapestries amongst the best in avant-garde contemporary music on the verge of composed acoustic and electronics music. Durán Vázquez work […]

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New release: Durán Vázquez‘s “Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori”

This album was created from January and December 2016 in Vigo, Galicia, using digital media in a Windows laptop, and hacked VST plug-ins from the late 1990s. Samples from old videogames were used as source materials, recorded with the freeware emulator Nestopia (v1.40) by Martin Freij, FM synthesis with Sound Forge (v6.0) and other synthesized […]

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“The Waste Land” reviewed by A Closer Listen

As we wrap up our five-day field trip, we travel into unfamiliar territories ~ mysterious lands marked by strange and unsettling sounds. Your guides for these journeys: Luci Forcucci, Yannick Dauby & Hitoshi Kojo and smallhaus. Luca Forcucci was given an unusual challenge for his journey into The Waste Land ~ to compose a film […]

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Soon in Crónica: Yiorgis Sakellariou’s “Stikhiya”

Stikhiya by Yiorgis Sakellariou

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“Digital Junkies in Strange Times” reviewed by Sherwood

Mi avvicino con passo guardingo, fingo di non conoscere l’essere impalpabile che governa il mondo nel quale mi trovo. So per certo che al minimo cenno lui si volterà, cercherà i miei ricettori sensoriali e trovati, inizierà la danza circolare che pian piano avvolgerà tutte le mie difese trascinandomi tanto così, vicino alla sorgente della […]

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Soon in Crónica: Graeme Truslove’s “Intuited Architectures”

Intuited Architectures by Graeme Truslove

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