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Soon in Crónica: Isabel Latorre and Edu Comelles’s “For Pauline”

For Pauline by Isabel Latorre & Edu Comelles

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“Crossovers” reviewed by Fluid Sonic Fluctuations

Hello, I’m back once again and today I’ve got another great release on the Portugese label CRÓNICA for you. The 2012 Various Artists compilation CROSSOVERS which compiles a big selection of collaborative performances from events organized by British sound artist Simon Whetham as part of his project Active Crossovers. The compilation download is in 16-bit/44.1kHz […]

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New release: Tamtam’s “Rheingold”

Living for more than 20 years in Germany means to get in touch with its big myths and traditions. The Nibelung saga is one of the major ones, leading you back and forth to Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, one of which key-points being the treasure buried in the Rhine river. The starting points […]

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Síria’s “Cuspo” reviewed by Bodyspace

Para ouvir em posição fetal. A humanidade tem uma relação complicada com a sua saliva. Não temos pudor nenhum em trocá-la num beijo, quando em momentos mais íntimos, ou em ceder à tentação mamífera de lamber as nossas feridas, mas encaramos como um bruto sinal de desrespeito – senão mesmo de ódio – o facto […]

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Three performances to commemorate 15 years of Crónica

Next week, Crónica will celebrate its 15th anniversary with three performances in Salão Brazil in Coimbra (Thursday 11), SMUP in Parede (Saturday 13), and Céu de Vidro in Caldas da Raínha (Sunday 14). @c, Vitor Joaquim, and Síria will perform, showcasing some of their latest work.

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Tamtam’s “Rheingold” reviewed by Vital

Tamtam is a duo of Sam Auinger on sampler and field recordings and Hannes Strobl on electric upright bass and here they have a piece that deals with the old German saga, called Die Nibelungen, as immortalized by Richard Wagner in his opera cycle Die Ring Des Nibelungen. In the Rhine River lies a treasure […]

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Soon in Crónica: Tamtam’s “Rheingold”

Rheingold by Tamtam

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Síria’s “Cuspo” reviewed by Vital

While I had not heard of Síria before, I did hear Diana Combo, who is behind Síria, when she works as Eosin (see Vital Weekly 1131). Cronica writes that “in this project [she] joins her voice to the usual practice of combining vinyl records and field recordings, in a gesture of appropriationism that she has […]

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Síria’s “Cuspo” reviewed by FBI Radio

Diana Combo, previously known as Eosin, makes music using vinyl records, field recordings and occasional droney noisemakers of her own along with her vocals. Her new album for Portuguese experimental label Crónica sees her creating beautifully mysterious compositions using a series of avant-garde and experimental works from vinyl, crossing the experimental cello & drones of […]

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“Further Consequences of Reinterpretation” reviewed Fluid Sonic Fluctuations

Hi, I’m back again with another new review, today it’s this 2004 album of Reinterpretations of remixes of music by *0 by Paulo Raposo & Marc Behrens, titled Further Consequences of Reinterpretation. Released by the label Crónica the CD is housed in a clear jewel case and also includes an 8 page booklet with 7 […]

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