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Bits, Pieces And So Far Beyond
“Bits, Pieces And So Far Beyond” in a contradictory way is said to be one of those unspoken stories at their purest. Could, let’s say — a lost photographic sentiment for a memory of the space; fading tones of a chime and human voices; alienated intersections of whistle, transparent high-frequency sprays and streams of white noises; almost cubist envolvent of domestic affair with an acoustic guitar; a chant concealed in dissemination and revealed as a concealment; sketch of a childish organ turning into a seed for a swarm of metallic crows, which disappears indulging it’s own disillusionment – could it be actually considered as a story? If yes, it’s more about fragments. Have you ever relinquished your desire for a book itself just because you’d been haunted by its table of content?

“Bits, Pieces And So Far Beyond” was created by Audio_z, or Tautvydas Bajarkevičius, a sound artist, writer and curator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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