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Shadow (of Shadows)
“Shadow (of Shadows)” for organ and electronics, Algirdas Biveinis (organ).

This piece was composed by Arturas Bumšteinas in Warsaw, November 2010 and premiered by Algirdas Biveinis in Vilnius, December of the same year. The premiere took place in St. Johns’ church which accommodates the largest pipe organ in Lithuania. The concert was attended by a set of different people: few old couples, young family with children, a lost tourist, several friends and author’s father. Imagine a dark and freezing winter evening… Dark means pitch black and cold means -25°C. The piece was recorded with several portable recorders placed around the area of church, one extra microphone was placed outside the church to record the sounds of crows flying above the roofs of Vilnius’ old town.

Later, during mixing at home, a poem “Charge of the Light Brigade” written and recited by Alfred Lord Tennyson and a random female voice fragment from Youtube was added to the mix.

The piece itself is a harmonic analysis of Soviet Lithuania’s (1940-1990) anthem. It could be likened to a shadow which is cast by an object. In this piece’s case it’s a shadow of another shadow.

Special thanks to: Pure, Vilius Lys, Antanas Kučinskas, Vidas Pinkevičius, Rytis Mažulis, Vilnius’ University, Kęstutis and Vaida.

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