Paulo Raposo’s best of 2008

Éliane Radigue, L’île re-sonante (CD released by Shiin); Alfredo Costa Monteiro, live performance; Radialx 2008, Lisbon: radia wild bunch fun and exchange, amazing radio shows and workshops; Architecture and acoustic space of the national pantheon in lisbon in the project “book of hours” conceived with João Silva and using glass sounds moving and diffused through the space of the 80m dome; Wind sounds at Serra do Caldeirão in Portugal and forest sounds at Kursiu Nerija National Park on the coast of Lithuania while starting to develop the ambar project with Maksim Shenteliev and John Grzinich; Mascavado 2008, produced by Grain of Sound and Sirr featuring delicate performances by Axel Dorner, Ko Ishikawa, Taku Unami, Masahiko Okura, Klaus Filip and Nuno Moita.

Reading Robert Walser.

Revisiting Jean-Marie Straub & Daniélle Huillet film “Chronic of Anna Magadalena Bach” as several movies by João César Monteiro (to my knowledge, only “God’s Comedy” has been released with English subtitles, but most have been released in France).

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