Síria’s “Cuspo” reviewed by Vital

While I had not heard of Síria before, I did hear Diana Combo, who is behind Síria, when she works as Eosin (see Vital Weekly 1131). Cronica writes that “in this project [she] joins her voice to the usual practice of combining vinyl records and field recordings, in a gesture of appropriationism that she has been presenting as EOSIN”, which begged the question for me: what is the difference then between Síria and Eosin? Right, there is the addition of voice. Ah. I wasn’t blown away by her previous release, which seemed to me nothing more than a DJ set; here at least she takes matters a bit further and this time around the vinyl sources aren’t easily recognized and in some case I would think that musicians gave her recordings to use, just as Svarte Greiner, Antoine Chessex or Joe Colley. I am not sure if there is something lifted from records, but who knows? Throughout these nine pieces are mostly introspective with a few sounds per piece, sea waves washing ashore, some crackles, a drone and with the voice of Síria improvising on top of that. She controls her voice quite a bit, creating more dreamy poetic sounds than something very open or loud. I quite enjoyed this release, especially on the second side there were some great pieces; I am not sure which, I believe ‘Gloria’ or ‘Senhora Do Almortao’. (FdW)

via Vital Weekly

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