Síria’s “Cuspo” reviewed by The Sound Projector

Understated voice and drone thing from Síria on her Cuspo (CRÓNICA 142-2018) cassette, which has been executed quite simply by recycling field recordings and old LP records, creating sounds on which Síria intones and chants her vocal additions. Despite the slow pace, near-whispered method, and unvarying tone, there’s still power to it; she manages to instil every moment with a certain amount of menace, as if she’s some implacable supernatural force, a revenant come to exact justice against the world. Diana Combo is the real name of this murmuring agency; she also performs as Eosin, and has appeared with the David Maranha Ensemble, a troupe of Portuguese superstars. The work may have its origins in an attempt at playwriting, or at least to create incidental songs to be used on stage; but it took a different turn, and much spontaneity was used in the creation of these barely-existing songs. The droning effects were added in the studio at the last stage of production; John Grzinich recorded some of this, and avant-garde heavyweights Joe Colley and Antoine Chessex are among those credited with the musical dimensions. A shady spookster for modern times. Ed Pinsent

via The Sound Projector

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