New release: Arturas Bumšteinas’s “Orgelsafari”

Arturas BumÅ¡teinas started the Organ Safari project in 2007, compiling recordings of various church organs into a growing sound archive. These recordings are later used in various contexts, such as performances, installations, radio programmes, and releases such as this. The organ sounds in this album were collected in February 2017 in Saxony, Germany, when Arturas BumÅ¡teinas, GailÄ— GriciÅ«tÄ— and Paul Paulun travelled along the German-Czech border visiting churches. The semi-prepared improvisations took place on the pipe organs of several churches: Katholische Kirche Sebnitz, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde Sohland an der Spree, St. Johanniskirche Zittau, Evangelisch-Lutherische Bergkirche Oybin, Hörnitzer Kirche, Kirche am Schloss Weesenstein, Bergkirche Seiffen, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Scheibenberg, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Großschönau, and St. Michaeliskirche Adorf. Performance-presentation of this Saxony Organ Safari tour took place in Schaubuhne Lindenfehls in Leipzig, in March 2017.

Supported by Lithuanian Culture Institute.

Orgelsafari is available as a free download and stream from Crónica.

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