David Lee Myers’s “Reduced to a Geometrical Point” reviewed by Loop

David Lee Myers is a New York based sound and visual artist, who since 1987 has been producing electronic music under his own name and with the moniker of Arcane Device. Today he owns a discography of 20 albums on Generator, ReR, Silent, RRRecords, Staalplaat, among other labels.

Lee Myers has collaborated with renowned artists such as Asmus Tietchens, Tod Dockstader, Thomas Dimuzio, and Vidna Obmana, among others.

The music of this legendary musician invites us to have an immersive experience given its environmental character built through different layers of sequences that are linked, while sustained drones proliferate. Despite this hypnotic experience of surround sound that Lee Myers creates, he himself declares that “I am not an advocate of ‘music for meditation’ and in fact believe that to be a completely misguided notion.” Although he does not rule out this music, he thinks that the music “seem to encourage a posture of staying in the moment.”

For this album Lee Myers is inspired by the metaphysics of Frithjof Schuon, who proposes that “you must separate your life from the consciousness of the multiple and reduce it to a geometric point before God” (the latter not linked to the Judeo-Christian tradition). This geometric point is a sign to put “Geo 1”, and so on, as titles to the four tracks of more than 12 minutes long each. Undoubtedly this is an endless journey in which timbral, oscillating and incisive sounds are perceived.

Every moment this expansive music unfolds it weaves intriguing stories by placing the listener between earth and the universe. Guillermo Escudero

via Loop

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