Luca Forcucci’s “Terra” reviewed by Loop

Swiss/Italian artist Luca Forcucci is a composer and musician who on this record is in charge of live electronics, field recordings, drifts, and production.
Forcucci works in the fields of installations, performances, electroacoustic music, video, photography, and text. His compositions include solo works and collaborations with contemporary musicians, indigenous musicians, record players, electronic music pioneers, dancers, and poets.
On “Terra” field recordings were made in Los Angeles, Recife, Beirut, which were later recombined and reterritorialized which were proposed to Braun and Gonseth, along with a graphic score.
Over three days, in a theater in the Swiss Jura mountains, the composition was developed and then given its concert premiere. The musicians Noémy Braun on Cello and Lucas Gonseth on percussion collaborated.
The opener “Obscura” unfolds metal noises rubbing against each other, as if it were the normal process in a steel mill, producing screeching, angular sounds that are also electronically processed. On “Incognita” processed strings, off-kilter percussion and mechanized noises are combined in an electroacoustic work. “Terra” that gives the album its title is immersed in a drone, while the layers of metallic objects collide with each other to create a dark environment, while out-of-tune notes from the cello peek out. “Cantus” displays beautiful cello chords that begin to travel through the skies creating a calm and beautiful atmosphere. On “Firmus” that closes this album, Forcucci plays with metal producing a sharp vibrato, alongwith softly percussive, playing with friction and resonances. Luca Forcucci plunges us into a world of reverberations, rumbles, and echoes with which he recreates industrial soundscapes. Guillermo Escudero

via Loop