New release: Enrico Coniglio’s “Luci Fisse + Luci Erranti“

We’re happy to announce Enrico Coniglio’s new release in Crónica, “Luci Fisse + Luci Erranti”, a work where Coniglio continues to explore sonic territories that blur the lines between ambient, drone and experimental findings. Thsi EP seamlessly builds on the sonic tapestry established in his The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds, released in 2019, and is a captivating journey through two tracks, each soundscape capturing moments of stillness and wandering illumination.

Enrico Coniglio is a guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist with an interest in landscape aesthetics. Graduated in Town and country planning (IUAV), his research aims at investigating the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty of the territorial evolution, paying particular attention to the context around the Venetian lagoon. His music draws from a wide range of stylistic influences, combining elements of ambient, drone, modern classical, field recordings and electro-acoustic drifting.