“Ification” reviewed by Rock-A-Rolla

Waves of austerity crash down upon the recumbent listener upon playing this much-delayed fourth solo release from Pure. Each of the seven pieces contained within are densely textured, revelling in their level of processed, electronic detail, seeming to present fractured splinters of a disintegrating persona while maintaining a similarly foreboding mood throughout. It’s a bit like a close-up examination of a healthy living specimen which reveals the microscopic bacteria devouring the flesh. The opening guitar drills of ‘Fire’ give an electric jolt to the system, but following that a mist of gloom and entropy cover proceedings. ‘After The Bomb’ is a dark, glowering swathe pinpointed with tiny glimmerings of light; ‘Approximation’ blends ghost-like doppelgangers of strings and horns into an almost modern classical feel and, most unsettlingly, ‘Sonomatopeia’ utilises unintelligible vocal samples courtesy of Alexandra von Bolzn which cackle, croak and chirrup as if nameless, unseeing creatures were beginning to populate the encroaching darkness. Ification is too seethingly active to be described as “Dark Ambient”, but it covers a similar territory of ever blackening mood-scapes and makes for hugely effective late night listening. Euan Andrews

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