Futurónica #09

Episode 9 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Zero (every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h) airs tomorrow, June 4 at 21h (GMT).

The playlist for Futurónica #09 is:

  • Akira Rabelais, Hollywood Boulevard Between Betty Grable’s and Rod Serling’s stars… August 26th, 2006 (from Hollywood, Schoolmap)
  • Luc Ferrari, Presque Rien N°2, Ainsi Continue La Nuit Dans Ma Tête Multiple (from Presque Rien, INA-GRM)
  • Feltro, That Was Then (from SonicScope 2008 Live at Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa, Grain of Sound)
  • Carlos Santos, Orla (Crónicast 031)

You can hear Rádio Zero’s broadcasts on radiozero.pt/ouvir.

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