New release: “The Venus of Pistoletto”

Does God exist? Yes, I do Michelangelo Pistoletto This collaborative performance was developed from everyday sounds and objects, lo-fi technology and computer, and has its roots in Arte Povera, in a special homage to Michelangelo Pistoletto. Besides the microphones and computer, the use of motorized or electronic tools, as well as found objects (leaves, twigs, …

Granular Fest 2015

Next Friday and Saturday in ZDB, Lisbon, the 2015 edition of the Granular Fest will present a series of performances with some of the most challenging music being produced by Granular’s members. Among other acts, Saturday night’s program will include performances from the ZNGR Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (Carlos “Zíngaro”, Emidio Buchinho, Carlos Santos, João Pedro Viegas) …

Futurónica 138

Episode 138 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Manobras (91.5 MHz in Porto, 18h30) and Rádio Zero (21h GMT, repeating on Tuesday at 01h) airs tomorrow, April 17th. The playlist of Futurónica 138 is: Porcje RosoÅ‚owe, Gryllotalpa Talpa (2015, Insects 4-7, Crónica) Porcje RosoÅ‚owe, Metua Tympanis (2015, Insects 4-7, Crónica) Carlos Santos & Jorge Valente, …


Next Friday and Saturday, Lisbon’s Flausina promotes the “Microestruturas” event, dedicated to the culture of free distribution. The program includes several concerts (a performance by Carlos Santos closes the first evening), debates, documentaries about copyleft and creative commons, and sonic installations. The full program is available at Flausina’s website.

Tonight: Natal dos Experimentais 2011

It’s happening tonight, at Passos Manuel, in Porto. Live performances by Manuel Mota, Carlos Santos, @c, Marc Behrens, Ana Carvalho, paL & Carl Minnemann. Crónica DJs and gifts to attendants and, of course, free entrance all night long (but please don’t forget our tip jar…) Hope to see you there, from 22h30 onwards. Facebook event.