Futurónica #31

Episode 31 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Zero (every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h) airs tomorrow, March 25th at 21h (GMT).

The playlist for Futurónica #31 is:

  • Philippe Mion: L’Image Éconduite, 1ère partie (1987, L’Image Éconduite, INA-GRM)
  • Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: Au Croisé, Le Silence, Seul, Tient Lieu de Parole (2006, Alter Ego, Empreintes Digitales)
  • Michel Chion: Gloria (1995, Gloria, Metamkine)

You can hear Rádio Zero’s broadcasts at radiozero.pt/ouvir.