New release: Janek Schaefer’s “Double Exposure”

Crónica is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Janek Schaefer, “Double Exposure”, a one hour and forty-three minute long audiofile album available as a download through selected online distributors.

“Double Exposure” is a studio album, written over six years [2005-2011] in Janek’s career as a composer, sound artist, and musician. Each of the twelve tracks is a response to an invitation to write a piece of music for a compilation CD or installation etc. This then is the second time for them to have been exposed,but collected as a coherent series of album tracks. The source sounds are produced using location recordings and manipulated vinyl, which are simply processed through my collection of foot Loop/Reverb/Pitch/Eq pedals & mixing desk, and then assembled on screen. Anamnesis refers to the ability of sound to trigger mental images in our minds eye. Each new series of images will be specific to each of us – and they are all uniquely generated and framed by these evocative compositions. Where there is a strong story or concept there are further links.

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