Limited release: Unique Clouds by Miguel Leal

Unique clouds

Kant, I think, only looked at the sky in beautiful weather.
M. Serres

Clouds have always been objects of fascination with their arrogant complexity and their role as catalysts for the imagination. There being no way to precisely measure them or restrict their behaviour to a deterministic regime, they have been frequently seen as amorphous or formless objects, monstrosities or aberrations of nature, signs of the random noise of the world.

Clouds are always in a transitory state and for this reason we say that they do not have permanent qualities. In short, clouds do not have qualities and it is absurd to individually catalogue them.

Unique Clouds presents a limited series of 10 stamps. Each stamp includes a single drawing that can be reproduced unlimitedly, on any media, in any colour and in any position. Indeed, these stamps are unique works that can generate an infinity number of multiples.

Unique Clouds, by Miguel Leal, is part of the Limited Release series from Crónica and is the cover art for TUM M’s Is That You?. Each of the 10 signed and numbered pieces is available through Crónica.

A lot of hard work is invested in these releases and in Crónica’s operations. We do not believe in DRM and we certainly don’t want to create any barriers between you and our releases, so, for the time, and in experimental regime, all of the Unlimited Releases will be free to download, but if you can, please consider to leave us a small donation for the benefit of both artists and label. Don’t forget to leave us your address, so that we can send you a thank you postcard in return.

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