“No End of Vinyl” reviewed by Boomkat

No End of Vinyl
Restless techno visionary Pure, and Portugal’s Cronica label present dissections of his 1999 release constructed from run-out groove crackles, ‘The End Of Vinyl’, from Rashad Becker, PITA, Cindytalk, Christoph De Babalon, and more. The original release was a reflection on what was then thought to be the imminent demise of vinyl. 14 years later it’s still alive and kicking, and ironically it’s now CDs that have taken a nosedive in putative value. So, the artists on ‘No End Of Vinyl’ return to the material, rendering a spectrum of ‘tronics veering between glitch, breakcore, drone and power electronics. Best among them, if only for the title, is Rashad Becker’s ‘Take Me To Your Lead Out’, which sounds uncannily more like a Chris Watson piece made at a bird sanctuary in a warehouse than run-out crackle, and equally Cindytalk’s ‘Miyamizu’ blooms an incredible, microscopic array of visceral textures and wide-open, almost howling space, and Pure’s own ‘Never Ending Vinyl’ treks deep into rarified, darkside industrial headspace.

via Boomkat

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