Guitarras Variáveis in Maia

Albrecht Loops, Alexandre Soares and Pedro Almeida will be performing at Fórum da Maia (café-concerto) one more experimental non-fixed improvised guitar session of “Guitarras Variáveis”

Guitarras Variáveis” (Variable guitars) is an experimental project that approaches and explores the improvised side of the guitar as an instrument of sound creation. It aims to gather musicians, despite their academic or free styled orientations on an uncommitted way of guitar-chating. Amplified influences, repeated chords, rebuild non-fixed structures and distortorted melodies focused on exploring the act of performance, the individual techniques and the exchanging attitude.

The ideia arose at EME 2003, the Experimental Music Encounters (Palmela-Setúbal, Portugal), where Pedro Almeida invited musicians Luis Varatojo and João Hora for a improvised guitar gig. Here is the list of the participants since then: André Gonçalves (okSuitcase), Alexandre Costa, Alexandre Soares (3 Tristes Tigres), Bruno Silva (Ondness), Carlos Lobo (Evols), França Gomes (Evols), Horácio Marques, João Hora (FFT), LOC, Leonel Sousa (Alla Polacca), Luís Varatojo (A Naifa), Luis Lopes, Manuel Guimarães, Paulo Lopes (Repórter Estrábico), Pedro Almeida (aCUR), Pedro Boavida, Shinjiro Yamaguchi (Two-Lines), Tó Trips (Dead Combo), Vítor Santos (Evols).

3 Mar 2014 :: 22H :: café-concerto Fórum da Maia, Portugal

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