“Positions” reviewed by nitestylez.de

Released earlier this month via the Porto, Portugal-based imprint Cronica is Martijn Tellinga’s debut album “Position” in which the artist, who’s also been a part of the great experimental project Zona Fumatori which has released one CDr named “Enteng” via the Staalplaat-related label Stichting Mixer in the early 2000s, explores experimental territories as well albeit these are of organic, largely unprocessed nature instead of being based on electronic knob fiddling. The opener “Three Modulators, for trombones” immediately reminds us of large cruise ship horns echoing and clanging through Hamburg’s harbour – yep, we are located not far away from that area -, “Truth, exercise for a listener” combines Field Recordings of audience and background noise, wind, deep bass drones and general chatter with tenderly played trombones before surprising the listener with off-kilter pipes throughout the compositions last quarter whilst “Branching Into Others, for a large instrumental field” serves layers of deep, bewailing lugubriousness and heart-felt melancholia.”Three Modulators, for basses” transfers the approach and composition of the opening track into the musical world of double basses to a more agitated, unsettled and partly even disturbing result and the final “Positions, for those involved” is a fragile structure built of Field Recordings, echoes and droning frequencies from a far distance – without any real instruments involved. An interesting one for sure.

via nitestylez.de