“Modular Works 2015Q1” reviewed by Whisperinandhollerin

As the title suggests, the four compositions featured on this album came into being in the first three months of the year, and is a counterpart to last year’s series of ‘Modular Works 2014’ (Q1-4) releases. While the pieces may on the surface appear to be sparse, darkly atmospheric ambient works, there was a definite methodology behind their construction, designed to bring a sense of linearity.

Certainly, there are distinct, if subtle, structures to the tracks, the first, ‘For RH (dark)’ building from misty rumblings to an ominous and altogether denser, louder conclusion. ‘For RH (light)’ is a more overtly electronic piece, and although the bleeping notes float in the air at some distance from one another, the introduction of percussion lends it a greater sense of cohesive form. ‘For RH (debris)’ is different again, a low, slow, barely there undulating tone slowly dissolves.

Smolders explains that “Three of the works are dedicated to Robert Hampson, because I admire his electro acoustic works very much and because he can be such an inspiring conversationalist on the subject of Musique Concrete.”

The final track, ‘Tom Tom Tom’ marks something of a departure, as near-silence interrupted by deliberate electronic scrapes.

It’s a worthy addition to Smolders’ already extensive catalogue, and shows his well of inspiration if running far from dry. Christopher Nosnibor

via Whisperinandhollerin

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