“Filare” reviewed by EarLabs

In talking about Filare, Jan Ferreira (Mosaique) wrote: “I attempted to produce sustained music which at the same time would contain movement and harmonic richness.” As I listen, it’s clear that he reached his goal.

He goes on to say: “It was intended to create a sound that would have depth on several layers, emotionally as well as acoustically, without wanting to emphasize any of them in an exaggerated manner.” As you can readily tell, Jan Ferreira is very thoughtful and passionate regarding his own musical work. Concerning contemporary avant-garde music in general he says: “It seems to me that a great part of the beauty of modern electronic/electroacoustic music lies in its balance between technical finesse/complexity and the emotional nuances/subtleties that can thereby be achieved.” Filare is one realization of this idea emerging from the vast space of sonic possibilities and is the second release in Crónica’s Unlimited Release Series whose am is to develop new means of distributing various digital media, in this case music, with artwork files and information PDF included.

A native of Lisbon and currently residing in Copenhagen , Mosaique used recordings of real instruments including strings, organ, sitar, bouzouki, and harmonium in various settings along with classical music extracts to compose the eight works found on Filare . A recursive method was used in which the processed results of one recording became the starting point of the next recording.

Recursive, harmonically rich, sustained, containing movement, and multiple aural layers, are all words/phrases that describe the underlying sound/technical dynamics of Filare while adjectives such as graceful, intricate, delicate, and affecting all convey its essential sensory nuances. Static is not word that applies to any of the compositions. Beautiful, flowing tones and microtones of varying frequencies are in a constant state of flux – rising, falling, conjoining, conflicting, dissolving, and sometimes canceling each other out. Puzzling track names like Sophil, Vitral, Aidon, Dichron provide a layer of mystery.

Mosaique’s Filare is another outstanding instance of contemporary electroacoustic music from an artist who desires to articulate his methods, techniques, and musical philosophy and from a label eager to share these beautiful sounds. Not to be missed.

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