“Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom” reviewed by Loop

This is the seventh instalment – and the third for Crónica – of Porto based duo Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais. This CD took to Miguel and Pedro two years of production and comprised five years of live, studio and field recordings, work inspired from several artists that in this album found their contributions by ‘sample guests’ in the likes of Stephan Mathieu with its 78RPM recordings, an ongoing collaboration with the Drumming Percussion Ensemble in the 62 track. Number 71 are field recordings of Californian dog barking and track 61 includes bits of sound recorded with Cheny Gune (voice), Gustavo Costa, (percussion), Jonathan Uliel (percussion), Kenji Siratori (voice), Matchume Zango (percussion), Miquel Bernat (percussion), Neil Davidson (guitar), Raymond MacDonald (saxophone), Rita Azevedo Pinto (voice), Tinoca Zimba (percussion), Ulrich Mitzlaff (electric cello).

This is an amazing production by the duo since the edition of distorted voices, electroacoustic and concrete sounds, claterring percusion go perfectly into the mix.

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