“A Compressed History of Everything Ever Recorded, vol.2: Ubiquitous Eternal Live” reviewed by Touching Extremes

At first, it makes you think of a bad joke or a divertissement: an infinite round of cheer and applause sampled from live recordings, more or less the same for long minutes. Then you notice it: there’s a drone – a dark, deep growl – lurking under all this mess. The low buzz slowly grows, while the voices start sounding tense, saturated with negative energy in dire need of exploding. And explode they do, in the shape of “soloists” (male and female fans) screaming their lungs out of bodies like if they were skin-burnt in hell flames; this progressively apocalyptic mess literally ices me (no pun intended). Such a “reality based” composition is certainly uncommon; I can only recall Ror Wolf’s “Der ball ist rund”, made with layers of football TV speakers’ voices – but “Ubiquitous Eternal Live” is sonically devastating, nerve-shattering and right to the target, which is the description of the totally idiotic behaviour and utter desperation intrinsically present in all kinds of people – especially when amassed. We’re all destined to be eaten by the “blob” that’s everyday life’s brain deterioration. Autodigest is a genius.

Massimo Ricci

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