“!Siam Acnun” reviewed by Loop

Chiu Longina is from Galicia and is the man behind this proposal in which he combines different rhythms, samples of domestic machinery and noises produced with program audio software. This album was release in April this year [2003] by the Crónica Electrónica label from Porto, Portugal, and is an answer to the ecological damage that produced the tanker of African flag Prestige, on Cies Islands, in the coast of Vigo. That’s why the title of this CD that if you read it the other way around it means “Never More”. Along with Longina, Montse Rego y Roberto D. Bouzas, the collective Flexo and Horacio G. Ifi participate with the visuals and music.

“Nósac” with sample drums is developed on rythmical dub, whereas the registry of an automatic device – that can be a very simple stuff – makes reference to the electroacoustic character of the music of Longina. “Mar exeo” has an interesting game of percussion in which the drums mark a jazz rhythm, next to crafty lines of bass. A processed piano chord and voices and an 4/4 tribal rhythm has an hypnotic effect that it does of “Aloiuqru” and “Tiwokre”, two tracks perfect for the dancefloor [for demanding ears, of course]. The track “Rednammocylop” again has that delicate taste for rhythm, with it redoubles of drums and and randomly beats. This style remembers me of low winding and free percussion to Two Lone Swordsmen at his magnificent “The Fifth Mission” period. Finally in the audio tracks it appears “!Siam Acnun” -that gives title to this album- with hesitating keyboard lines and persistent rhythm. After the audio tracks we have the organic “Aispesa seires part.1” and the minimal “Aispesa Seires part.2”, both in charge of Longina. Flexo is responsable of “P____S” where he plays very sly rhythm and Horacio G.ifi exposes “Rannacs rorre” with schizophrenic game of clicks and noises. This is avant-garde electronic music that proposes a fresh and captivating sound.

Guillermo Escudero

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