New release: Durán Vázquez‘s “Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori”

This album was created from January and December 2016 in Vigo, Galicia, using digital media in a Windows laptop, and hacked VST plug-ins from the late 1990s. Samples from old videogames were used as source materials, recorded with the freeware emulator Nestopia (v1.40) by Martin Freij, FM synthesis with Sound Forge (v6.0) and other synthesized sounds created with the modular synthesis freeware application SynFactory (v1.16rc1) by Peter Wendrich and Ruud de Jong.

Durán Vázquez was born in Vigo on 1979. He started recording his work at the beginning of 1998, using self-taught methods and without prior musical formation. His work is mainly focused on audio creation, radio-art and live performances. Occasionally he composes tracks for cinema, sound-art contests, audio collaborations and his own audiovisual pieces and covers for demos. He produced the fortnightly radio program Radio Mil Colinas for Rádio Zero and Radio FilispiM, and later the Spanish version for Radio Rakumin.

He played at festivals like Sónar (Barcelona); LEM (Barcelona); Experimentaclub (Madrid); MEM (Bilbao); In Sonora (Madrid); RadiaLx (Lisboa); ZarataFest (Pontevedra); and sound-art events like ArtEx Sonora showcase (A Coruña). He also performed at LIMb0 (Buenos Aires); Ciclo Vibra; Natal dos Experimentais (Porto); Vigotransforma (Vigo), and venues like Contemporary Art Museum (Vigo); Maus Hábitos (Porto); Fine Arts Faculty (Pontevedra); NASA (Santiago de Compostela); Spanish Cultural Centre (Montevideo); Galery DF (Santiago de Compostela); Club Le Larraskito (Bilbao); Cervantes Institute (Berlin); Alg-a Lab (Vigo); Goethe-Institut (Lisboa); Casa Atochas (A Coruña); Vigosónico (Vigo); Teatro Ensalle (Vigo).

Mastered by M. Carvalhais. Cover art by Lia.
Durán Vázquez would like to thank Crónica for the constant support, and to friends Emiliano, Dani, and Alvar for supporting his ideas, even the crazier ones!

Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori is available as a limited-release tape and as a digital download.