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“Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Nitestylez

Put on the circuit in early May, 2k17 via the Portuguese Cronica-imprint is “Intuited Architectures”, the new longplay effort by Glasgow-based and multi-awarded composer Graeme Truslove who on this piece deals with the possibilities of real time interaction with micro-level production techniques. Opening with “Suite II, Portals” Graeme Truslove opens up a world of a […]

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“Shadows and Reflections” reviewed by Vital

The music on this cassette was composed for an audio-visual collaboration Adkins did with painter Andy Fullalove in the Bradford Cathedral in 2016. It was a “response to the newly restored altarpiece by William Morris as well as the priceless stained glass windows in the cathedral by Morris’ company”, and Adkins was inspired by the […]

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“Product 02” reviewed by Data.Wave

Internet is a giant sound supermarket, with music labels supplying products and Ran Slavin is a master chef of the high quality music. Product 02 record offers an exquisite dish of sound design with a desert of music metamorphosis. This is quite a light record with a distinct therapeutic effect. I went through a lot […]

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“Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Bad Alchemy

GRAEME TRUSLOVE Intuited Architectures (Crónca 130~2017): Truslove ist Composer-Performer & Audiobaumeister in Glasgow mit einem Ph.D. in Music Composition. Ihn interessieren die Übergänge von Unfestem zu Festem, von Probiertem und Improvisiertem zu skulptural oder konstruktiv Montiertem und Fixiertem. ‘Portals’ ist als weiche Plastik ein Prachtstück, hochgradig plastisch, nie fassbar in seiner knurpsigen und dröhnenden, kommenden […]

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“Thermo Swing & Quanta​+​Else / Studio Blanks 01​-​02” reviewed by Data.Wave

In this double record, Crónica has reissued the first and the third albums of Ran Slavin specifically for all those fans who wanted to get an insight into Ran’s early works. This is a very interesting release, since I always wanted to know where Ran has started, to trace his journey to the later works. […]

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“Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Silence and Sound

Une fois encore, le superbe label experimental Crónica, livre à nos tympans une nourriture céleste conçue par l’écossais Graeme Truslove, avec la sortie de son album Intuited Architectures, plongée abyssale dans les souterrains de l’électro-acoustique, gorgée de dérives soniques hantées. Artiste multi-primé, Graeme Truslove joue sur les paradigmes, composant un monde proche du chaos, où […]

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“Digital Junkies in Strange Times” reviewed by Groove

In Tel Aviv ist das ein wohl wenig anders. Digital Junkies In Strange Times (Crónica) von Ran Slavin vibriert vor urbaner Anspannung und nervöser Ablenkung. Eine Nachtfahrt aus Field Recordings, durch die Metropole die nie völlig eindeutig ist, in die nie ganz klar ist was als nächstes passiert. via Groove

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“Urban Dialog” reviewed by Musique Machine

Crónica Recordings presents Urban Dialog by Tamtam. Tamtam is the Berlin based duo of Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl who, in their own words, refer to their music as a “practice where the environment becomes the instrument and instrument becomes the sound environment.” While artist blurbs can often mislead, in the case of Tamtam, it’s […]

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“Juryo: Durée de la vie de l’ainsi-venu” reviewed by Musique Machine

Here’s a sombrely presented CD (pro-pressed and printed) on Crónica. The imagery, and explanatory notes on the back cover, suggested to me that Juryo: Durée de la Vie de L’ainsi​-​venu koxx might be an album dominated by field recording, and whilst it very much is, in one sense, sonically it’s really quite different. The album […]

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“Stikhiya” reviewed by Touching Extremes

Because of their often undefinable nature, most field recording-based albums cannot be committed to memory. Still, the few artists who can really operate a studio to produce materials worthy of being positively absorbed act as invisible aids for the listener to retrieve – you guessed it – memories. At this exact point stands the work […]

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