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Simon Cummings’s “間 (ma)” reviewed by Rockerilla

La riduzione del suono a un grado zero prossimo al silenzio rappresenta il fulcro della ricerca applicata nel suo ultimo lavoro su cassetta da parte di Simon Cummings. Improntata fin dal titolo al concetto di vuoto, designato dal concetto estetico-filosofico giapponese “ma”, l’opera consta appunto di una sequenza ininterrotta di intervalli, pause e interstizi, espansi […]

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Mathias Delplanque’s “Témoins” reviewed by Loop

Sound artist, music critic, teacher, composer for theater and dance and founding member of several ensembles releases his third album on Portuguese Crónica Electrónica label based in Porto wich is run by sound artists Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela. ‘Témoins’ contains three pieces that were commissioned works in which Deplanque made recordings in different sites. […]

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Monty Adkins’s “Shadows and Reflections” reviewed by The Wire

Two pieces by the British composer, which grew out of a collaboration with the painter Andy Fullalove. They worked together on an installation at Bradford Cathedral, and Adkins created these pieces to expand on the meditative and light-filled quality of that show. The music is based on extended organ tones, and like classic recordings by […]

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“The Waste Land” reviewed by Neural

The Waste Land has been issued in digital recording and audio cassette and has its origins in a 20 minute soundtrack for a documentary movie. The Italian-Swiss composer and sound artist doesn’t give any other details about it. However, it works as an exceptional amplifier of auditory perceptions and stimulates a kind of precise narration […]

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Mathias Delplanque’s “Témoins” reviewed by Silence and Sound

Mathias Delplanque est un sculpteur de sons, agençant les field recordings et les notes sporadiques sur son nouvel album Témoins. Il est l’assembleur de vérités unies par le collage de contrastes mouvementés et de quiétude nocturne, desquels s’échappent les bruits de faunes enfouies derrière les grandes herbes de la poésie. Témoins possède une narration radiophonique […]

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Simon Cummings’s “間 (ma)” reviewed by Vital Weekly

The only time before the name Simon Cummings was mentioned in Vital Weekly was when a CD by Kenneth Kirschner was reviewed in these pages (Vital Weekly 989), for which Cummings wrote a text. He studied composition, conducting and organ and later on also at Sonology in The Hague and his focus is upon “gradual […]

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Ifs’s “Manifold Basketball” reviewed by Polifonia

Z mniejszą pewnością podchodzę do duetowego materiału Fischerle z Krzysztofem Ostrowskim (występuje jako Freeze i reprezentuje bydgoską scenę elektroniczną – tu nie chodzi o CKOD) wydanego dosłownie kilka dni później w portugalskiej Crónice pod szyldem Ifs. To króciutki album z wypełniającymi przestrzeń, a może raczej kreślącymi i projektującymi własną przestrzeń kompozycjami. A właściwie najwyraźniej improwizacjami, […]

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Mathias Delplanque’s “Témoins” reviewed by Chain DLK

“Témoins” comprises three pieces of sound art composed and compiled between 2011 and 2014- or just the first two pieces if you opt for the cassette rather than the download. Conceptually they are post-production-light layerings of organic recordings from three different locations that were given to Delplanque as though they were instructions, on top of […]

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Mathias Delplanque’s “Témoins” reviewed by Rockerilla

Quale autentico scultore della materia sonora, Mathias Delplanque è stato più volte incaricato di veri e propri lavori “su commissione”, da parte di istituzioni artistico-culturali. Témoins raccoglie due di questi lavori realizzati tra il 2011 e il 2014, ciascuno intorno ai venti minuti di durata, nei quali l’artista francese lascia letteralmente parlare gli ambienti di […]

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Mathias Delplanque’s “Témoins” reviewed by Aural Aggravation

Mark E Smith has died. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, the surprise should be that he didn’t die sooner. But I can’t help but be shaken by the news. It doesn’t feel appropriate to post any music reviews: my social media streams are aclog with tributes to Smith, and it feels wrong […]

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