New release: Síria’s “Boa-Língua”

Boa-Língua is the second album by Síria. It departs from her former work, Cuspo, using it as a foundation for structure and duration, while following very different pulses. Boa-Língua was made from recordings of practice sessions that were not originally intended to be used or worked as songs. Boa-Língua means “good tongue”, used in opposition to “má-língua”, literally “bad tongue”, a Portuguese expression for “tittle-tattle”.

“Canção do Gato” is a version of a song recorded by Tiago Pereira from A Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria. “Nos Montes” was remixed by @c’s Pedro Tudela & Miguel Carvalhais. “Senhora dos Remédios” is a version of a song as sang by Catarina Chitas and features a sample by Maile Colbert. “Belgian Shepherd” is a remix of the track by Rui P. Andrade from his album All Lovers Go To Heaven, it combines original sounds with recordings and voice, and it was previously released in Island Fever by Colectivo Casa Amarela. “Ay Işığında” is a version of the song as sang by Nərminə Məmmədova. “For Ghédalia” and “Boa-Língua” feature recordings by Los Niños Muertos, André Tasso & Bruno Humberto.


  1. Canção do Gato (03:20)
  2. Nos Montes (04:33)
  3. Senhora dos Remédios (03:51)
  4. Belgian Shepherd (04:50)
  5. Yarın (06:03)
  6. Danse Macabre (10:41)
  7. Ay Işığında (06:56)
  8. For Ghédalia (05:08)
  9. Boa-Língua (03:20)
  • Voice and percussions: Diana Combo
  • Recording, editing and first mix: Diana Combo
  • Post-production: Tiago Martins at Fisgastudio
  • Mastering: Miguel Carvalhais
  • Artwork: Miguel Carvalhais, photos by Diana Combo
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