David Lee Myers’s “Reduced to a Geometrical Point” reviewed by Beach Sloth

David Lee Myers continues his legend with the meditative suites of “Reduced to a Geometrical Point”. Noise music, at least for the aficionados, can be seen to be the other side of that ambience coin. At first grating, it eventually gives way to something far different, a trip of sorts. While David Lee Myers may not be a household name for noise heads, his work as Arcane Device certainly serves as some of the best noise music to come out of the 90s. Featuring some truly abrasive textures Arcane Device managed to land some records with RRR Records run by Ron Lessard, another legend within the US noise community. With this album David takes his lessons learned from those old projects to reconfigure them into a transcendental experience.

Uneasy buzzing opens the album up with “Laurentia”. With an eerie ominous tone about it, the drone extends off into the infinite. Volume needs to be watched for he does take things further than one would expect. Over the course of the piece, it begins to shift into lighter textures, featuring rather exquisite fragments of melody. Quite mystical “Pannotia” brings the tension down to reside within a strange, looping groove. “Gondwana” mixes both the harshness and the airiness in, never neatly settling into either. Easily the loudest and most industrial churn radiates from the extended shapes of “Pangea”.

“Reduced to a Geometrical Point” features an exquisite take on a unique combination of ambient and noise, in a way that only David Lee Myers, an individual well versed in both, can do. 

via Beach Sloth