“Ification” reviewed by The Sound Projector

Veteran electronicist Pure is someone I associate with the Mego label, but his new release Ification is out on the Portuguese label Crónica. As far as I can make out, he hasn’t played a note of music himself but recruited various fine European avant musicians to contribute samples of their instruments, which he has proceeded to rework into a meandering, mulched-up digital soup. Martin Brandlmayr, Anke Eckardt and Alexandra von Bolzyn are among those sampled, the latter notable for contributing her ’screams’ to ‘Sonomatopoeia’ and ‘Iron Sky’. A lot of the CD is a little too over-processed for my tastes, but I like the noisy guitar bursts of Christoph de Babalon on ‘Fire’, and ‘Iron Sky’ also has moments of considerable menace in its fizzing, subliminal layers of stern minimalism. Perhaps ‘End’, which uses a bass guitar sample, is the most successful, offering nigh-on 16 minutes of highly testing minimal deep drones and coming on like the refrigeration unit of Beelzebub himself. Striking cover art is by Jan Rohlf, depicting a gigantic venting tube such as you attach to a tumble dryer, bursting forth its intestines on inner gatefold. Ed Pinsent

via The Sound Projector

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