“Lovely Banalities” reviewed by Boomkat

Lovely Banalities
Lithuanian sound artist and composer Gintas K returns to Cronica with a selection of self-confessed Lovely Banalities – a set of beautiful auditory trifles, often rather short and lacking in any defined sense of structure. These are more like objects, loitering around in the ether and establishing loop-based sequences like ‘Q’ or the strange and otherworldly ‘Music Box’. Elsewhere, the watery modulations of ‘Before When’ brings to mind the sort of digital experiments heard on Pita’s album for No Fun – but only for a couple of minutes, before Gintas halts proceedings and re-boots with some other slice of electroacoustic meandering. Far more interesting than its title would have you believe, this album is a rather entertaining, unstuffy piece of microsound.

via Boomkat

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