Morten Riis’s “Lad enhver lyd minde os om” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Somehow this sounded like a familiar name, but I couldn’t find anything about him that I had written earlier. Morten Riis is from Denmark, where he works as a composer, sound artist and researcher. Amongst the things he does are large scale sound installations. He recorded the music on the cassette using homemade synthesizers and modified four-track cassette recorders. It is not said how the cassette recorders are modified, but perhaps it is a bit of nerd thought here. There is nothing significant scale about the music on this cassette. The sixteen pieces are pretty brief, ranging from one minute and thirty seconds to three minutes. That gives the cassette the idea of a sketchbook. None of these pieces sounds as if they are worked out, but rather a quick pencil drawing that happens to be quite detailed if you look/listen closer. Riis has that fine quality of a lo-fi musician in his music, with grainy textures, rough ambient, and mild noise. I guess the difference is that where many of his peers indulge in longer pieces, Riis keeps his music short. Another difference might be his use of synthesizers rather than field recordings or heavily treated sound sources. As such, he offers quite some variation in his music. Loop-like, drone-like, a bit louder, or a bit quieter. This tape, these sixteen pieces in about forty minutes, is a great sketchbook. (FdW)

via Vital Weekly

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