New release: Emídio Buchinho & Ricardo Guerreiro’s “(Un)Folding”

This piece documents a live performance at the 2016 Sonic Scope festival to which Emídio Buchinho and Ricardo Guerreiro brought private individual intents that were shared towards the construction of an unpredictable path.

“A path is made by walking on it” should serve as a motto for the constructive experience of extending space-time: an experience marked by sensual contact with the materiality of all things, supported by sound. The relational dimension of sound marks a regime of transmissibility that exposes the multi-faceted nature of sound objects, not just characterizable by their aural dimension alone. The continuous recognition of the surrounding acoustic environment would therefore be the shared strategy for a listening process that would feed the creative dialogue.

How can each (non-)action of a musician on stage affect the overall sonic dimension?

How can formal unfoldings and redoublings extend the experience of heightening presence and simultaneously deepening the sensation of silence?

How is it, finally, possible to underline what is left excluded from what is being done?

“(Un)Folding” is now available to stream or download from Crónica.