Philippe Petit’s “A Divine Comedy” reviewed by Felthat

Cover of the album "A Divine Comedy"

Philippe Petit took up on a truly epic endeavour – both Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy and Gustave Dore illustrations for this classic work have been an inspiration for his newest work beautifully released as a double cd by Portuguese label Crónica based in Oporto, Portugal.

It is a long set of narrative pieces which Philippe has masterfully reorganised and put together by using different compositional techniques. Using all sorts of musical inputs such as electronics, prepared piano, some modular synths (?), spoken word he managed to tell the story of Divine Comedy in his own individual manner, as an experimental landscape of curiosities and details that highlight the dramatic narratives of this classical work. On the other hand – his own impressions from Gustave Dore’s work put this album into a completely different orbit of something analytical – treating graphical work of the illustrator on an equal level with Dante’s work.

Highly nuanced and complex work that has its own individual taste. And as in all Petit’s work – it gets only more and more interesting track by track.

via Felthat