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Cem Güney is a Turkish-born sound artist who started within the jazz music field playing the trumpet. He studied music in California and he’s a DJ since 1994. “Praxis” is the debut album on Portuguese Cronica Electronica label, furthermore a compilation appearance on “V/A Mus….c”, (Cronica, 2008).
Güney works both synthetic and recorded sound as source material which processed by software. “A Phonetics Theme” opens with a wide range of recorded voices. “Impulse” is built out of tiny digital sounds, while “Undulations (dedicated to Janek Schaefer)” is a loop of a string section that changed into flickering tones penetrating dark moods.“Factitious Phobia” is a combination of electroacoustic sounds, recorded voices and underrated Middle Eastern music. The piano deliver harmonic notes which sound quite strange alongwith such abstract sounds. “Praxis” is composed by digital microsounds, some of them Morse like and unidentifiable snippets.“Behold Now Bhikkus, The Sounds of Nada Yoga” comprised the meditation through sound and there are some vowels with especial characteristics and meanings worked by Güney as processed voices. Guillermo Escudero

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