“Erotikon” reviewed by Boomkat

Jorge Mantas follows up his Cronica debut album Musicamorosa with this brand new selection of micro-drones and digitised textural ambience. As with the last one, Mantas’ leanings toward befuddling conceptual presentation obscures his point slightly – the explanatory blurb surrounding his last album strived to link his music to Proust, while this time around the only context you get is a salacious chunk of prose about some saucy business or other whose link to the music remains abstract and intangible. Whatever the themes presiding over this record are intended to be, the music is full of mystery and wistfulness. In its early stages the album delivers piano tones glistening brightly through the filtered static on ‘Aysha’ and entangled signals stewing in the watery tonalities of ‘Blumarine’. On ‘Alba’ Mantas incorporates an excerpt from the 1860 recording of ‘Au Clair De Lune’, thought to be the very first audio document of a human voice. Uncannily, the ruptured, hauntingly broken sound of the recording chimes with the ethereal qualities running through Mantas’ music.

via Boomkat

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