Pont Sonore Belju / Belju sound bridge

During summer 2009, sound artists Gilles Aubry, Stéphane Montavon and Carl Y are constructing an archive of environmental sounds around the Swiss-French border, precisely on the Canton Jura (CH) and Territoire de Belfort (F). Their work documents the sonic landscapes of natural, urban and industrial sites of this transnational area, in particular those of transit of individuals and goods between both sides of the border.

The sound recordings are combined together and redistributed in the public space via the internet, following the idea of temporarily deconstructing the representations of geographical and cultural borders. Four permanent listening sites are installed in the cities of Belfort (F), Bourogne (F), Delémont (CH) and Porrentruy (CH), starting the 15th of August until the 12th of September 2009.

On the web, the Belju sound bridge exists as a playable sound archive and a blog, open to contributions of the public. Live performances and interventions with international guest artists take place on various locations on this territory during the project.

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