“Lovely Banalities” reviewed by Neural

Lovely Banalities
There are fourteen different tracks in “Lovely Banalities”, the second release on Crónica for the Lithuanian sound- artist Gintas K. Although there are multiple “field recording” interludes, they result in a rather continuous, and evocative flow of sound. They are made of synthetic articulations, improvised digital digressions, or minimal modulations. Finally, those that are in a sophisticated and calibrated shape are used in abstract sound events. Modulations that integrate elements from alien melodies, natural and artificial sounds, in a poetic setting, not detached from unexpected events, are artfully reworked and handled. White noise, tonal inflections, “glitches”, floating pulses, and noisy drifts, giving rise to imaginative narratives, pervaded by a familiar estrangement, effective – ultimately – in immersing us even deeper, in subtly adventurous listening. Aurelio Cianciotta

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