“Ification” reviewed by The Sound Projector

On Ification Pure works with samples gathered from real musicians including the guitarist Christoph de Babalon, the drummer Martin Brandlmayr, and bassist Anke Eckardt; plus the memorable screams of Alexandra von Bolzn. Said samples are captured into Pure’s hard drive where he can perform his experimental transformations. His strategies vary, from making a simple loop out of one short guitar sample on ‘Fire’, to longer workouts like ‘Bling Flight’, where he seems to be performing some remarkable feats of extension and time-stretching. While some of his music inevitably strays into identikit laptop music, for the most part Pure works hard, listens to hat he is doing, and pays attention to modifying the dynamics for each piece. At his most successful, this project does manage to transcend its own processes and bring us some genuinely exciting moments of radically transformed music.

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