Pedro Almeida’s highlights of 2009

  • Alesis DM5: my new gesture-midi-sound-tool
  • “guitarras variáves” (variable guitars) at Balleteatro: the concert and the late night rehearsal the day before
  • EME.LL : was pleased 2 B part of this “laptop ensemble” organized by Vitor Joaquim: 16 laptops live!.. 4 stereos!!! 4 cool projections…it was powerful!
  • had lots of fun making sounds with lost and transformed toys with Miguel Pipa (NuvemVoadora), and jammed with some great musicians/artists i had never played with before: Nuno Aroso (percussion) + Durán Vázquez (noises) + Alvaro Almeida (trumpet) + João Martins (sax) + João Santos (bass) + Tiago Ferreira (vocals and sounds) + Luis Teixeira (processed bandolin) + João Ricardo (laptop and noises) + Jaime Soares, Raquel Rua, Carlos Silva (body expressions) and Jerome Faria + Ivan Franco + Nuno Moita + Alba G. Corral + Laetitia Morais + Hugo Olim + André Sier (laptops)
  • i tuned some radios,..tsssssssshhhhhhh…ckrrrrtsshhhh…. for Crónicaster…tshlblrtsssss…and some guitars!!!!… damn! i turned myself into a radio station!….
  • respect to Victor Gama’s Tsikaya project with the sounds of musicians living and working in the rural areas of Angola
  • the ipodTouch has no mic so “Mickey Blue” was the solution for my field recordings
  • drawing: Jorge Colombo kicks ass like he has always done but this time on an iPhone, and couldn’t help buying Lia’s 2 iphone apps, cause there’s thin lines, pencil curves, and gesture forms all over!!!
  • Laracrafts: R4 installations “Integrated in the European Week 2009 Waste Reduction”: “Vinyl rotations” and “whiteDolls”. Also, this was the year i designed and conceived
  • the last days of the decade at Balneario Mondariz, Spain
  • RIP: will miss the creations of Joao Aguardela (musician) and António Sérgio (radio: the voice)

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