Futurónica #07

Episode 7 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Zero (every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h) airs next Friday, May 7 at 21h (GMT).

The playlist for Futurónica #07 is:

  • Mosaique, Axis Tilt (from Shattering Silence)
  • Marc Behrens + Niko Heyduck, Metal 6 (from Plastic / Metal, Antifrost)
  • Mosaique, Gravity and Grace (from Shattering Silence)
  • Boca Raton, Circle ‘4 (from Product 5)
  • Hugh Le Caine, Dripsody (from OHM+: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music, Ellipsis Arts)
  • Marc Behrens + Niko Heyduck, Plastic 1 (from Plastic / Metal, Antifrost)
  • @c + Vitor Joaquim, Ouvertüre (from De-tour, Feld)
  • Mosaique, Typus und Form (from Shattering Silence)
  • Cem Güney, Hysteresis 1+2 (Crónicast 060)

You can hear Rádio Zero’s broadcasts on radiozero.pt/ouvir.

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