RadiaLX 2010

2010 marks the third edition of RadiaLx, Portugal’s unique festival dedicated to radio art, an International Radio Art Festival happening in Lisboa on the 1st, second and third of July.

This year, RadiaLx focuses exclusively on radio art and will feature three days of a special, non-stop, broadcast on Rádio Zero (local frequency of 99.0MHz in Lisbon) and will also be streamed worlwide. It comprises site-specific projects, streams from all over the world and live shows, as well as broadcasts of the most contemporary and inventive radio art works.

Workshops and round tables, interventions, exhibits and performances will provide an in-depth showcase of live events in the hopes of bringing listeners, students and practitioners into a forum of collaboration and direct engagment with the radio field.

In previous editions, Radia Lx has hosted performances and workshops from prestigious artists like Tetsuo Kogawa, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Patrick Mckinley and Mike Cooper. We wish to provide a unique and intimate opportunity to present and develop challenging radio works and engage discussions regarding radio’s multiple possibilities and transformations in a close interaction between artists and community.

Among the participants in RadiaLX 2010 (live or broadcast) are Paulo Raposo, Carlos Santos, André Gonçalves, Gintas K, Durán Vázquez, @c, Cem Güney, Arturas Bumšteinas, Diana Combo, Aki Onda, and many others.

The complete schedule of RadiaLX 2010 can be found online at radialx.radiozero.pt/english/schedule.html

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