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Is That You? cover
RATED: 8,5 / 10

The Italian duo Tu M’ offers us a pleasant listen with their new, free available, mp3 release Is That You? Three tracks of pure ambient and droning music that goes well on repeat during a long train travel.

It’s a Sunday afternoon in September and I am sitting in the train. The weather is kind of sad. There is lots of rain during the 2 1/2 hour ride. Going from Maastricht to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is not always as pleasant. To make the traveling some nicer I am listening to Is That You? by Tu M’ on repeat.

From arranged orchestrated brass and wood instruments Tu M’ improvised three live recordings that sound very emotive and colorful.Through minimal changes in sound and a playful use of stereo romantic sounding pieces are created. Is That You? could be the soundtrack to a dramatic film about romance and love. Tu M’ does not speak in words, they don’t need to, their music says more than only words could do. The cinamtic sounds drawn you in and doesn’t leave you until the 23 minutes of this release are over. Where most ambient/drone pieces leave you in a cold sad mood, Is That You? rather leaves a warm fuzzy feeling. Not that it only has a positive vibe, because at the same time there is some melancholy that takes part of the listener, but the romantic feeling of hope and love stays.

As with all of the releases on Crónica again they show to have an eye for special music by releasing Is That You? by Tu M’. Is That You? is a release that is available for download from the Crónica site, which makes it easy to get and it great for listening on the mp3player. You should try it while traveling by train. I can say it’s really recommended. (Sietse van Erve)

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