“Shattering Silence” reviewed by Monsieur Delire

Shattering Silence
Mosaique is electronician Jan Ferreira, whose previously released Filare (2008) on Crónica. Shattering Silence is a bold proposition that tries to do too much. It’s simply too long at 1h43min, it would have been better edited down to an hour. Some of the tracks seem to present the same ideas, despite the fact that the sonic palette is rather large, encompassing highly experimental techno and rather abstract acousmatics. Ferreira’s artistic approach is serious, and what he does with analog synthesis has an interesting self-taught flair, but being too generous he has dulled the potential impact of this album. Still, please note that Shattering Silence has been released in Crónica’s free-download series. So download it and see for yourself!

via Monsieur Delire

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