“Acute Inbetweens” reviewed by Rock-A-Rolla

Acute Inbetweens
Sparked by an initial meeting back in 2006 between these two artists in sound, Acute Inbetweens is the fruit of three years spent exchange ideas, files and field recordings long-distance between Australia and the Unites States. Now finding a fully formed release on Portuguese label Crónica, this collaboration has yielded an outstanding album of slowed motion resonance and micromanipulated depth. Delicately merging electronics with more organic sounds, English and Vitiello operate here within a blurry convergence between memory and recorded recall as sensitive drones and fragile timbre changes provide the basis for a series of quietly engaging works. With ‘Christening of the Blackbird’ suggesting the sound of wind through wires and the languid roll of undersea currents, ‘Soft Plastic Shell’ the fragile stillness of morning and ‘Tickled Inside’ the lonely songs of the stars, these muted movements will work wonders for those seeking to lull the pull of the everyday world. Andrew Carden