Futurónica #40

Episode 40 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Zero (every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h) airs tomorrow, July 15th at 21h (GMT).

The playlist for Futurónica #40 is:

  • Oriol Rosell, Seidl 4 (2011, Ulrich Seidl E.P., Crónica)
  • Nicolas Bernier, The Dead Deer (2010, The Dancing Deer EP, Home Normal)
  • Cristian Vogel, Basecamp Beasts (2010, Black Swan, Sub Rosa)
  • Kim Cascone, RotationalBeacon (1999, CathodeFlower, Ritornell)
  • Kim Cascone, NullDrift (1999, CathodeFlower, Ritornell)
  • Stephan Mathieu, In Them A Giant Diverted Himself (2010, To Describe George Washington Bridge, Dekorder)

You can hear Rádio Zero’s broadcasts at radiozero.pt/ouvir.